Creative Life:

Finding the Time

‘We never did take time
until it was too late
It passed away
even while we lay on grass
and every plan we made
was an assumption it would wait…’
Heather Farmer, poet
from the book 
‘Of Dreams and Discoveries’ with Steve Parish

Time can be a primary excuse we use to avoid the pursuit of a creative life. In my view, ‘time-challenge’ is never insurmountable. As our lives become more complicated, maybe we need to make some forced changes. It is a matter of where we place our priorities. Sometimes it is easier to stay in the comfort zone. Often, multiple excuses are created by the inner you, who would instead daydream about a creative life than put in the effort, time and, yes and sometimes, money, to fulfil your dreams.

Negotiating with life partners may be necessary; in fact, all family members should be free to follow their creative ambitions. Better time management skills can facilitate time to meet your creative life objectives.

A ghost gum stands in an ancient rocky gorge as an example of tenacity and a reminder of the brevity of human existence on this age-old planet. Indeed, our time will pass. Unless we act now, we will leave behind endless ‘if only’s’.


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