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In addition to the events below, we are
planning Zoom and Capital City Events for 2024
– please stay tuned for details.

Photograph Australian native wildlife hands-on with Steve Parish and photography trainer Dr Dean Holland with 12-20 species brought to you by licensed handlers.
8.00 am – 12.00 noon, Downfall Creek Environmental Centre Chermside West, Brisbane

Find your passion, unlock your creative voice, develop your art and craft,
and claim the joy and energy of sharing with a creative community.

After fifty-six years of photographing and sharing Australia’s unique wonders, I wanted to share how, where and when you can connect with the essence of this spectacular country.   Join me and plan your journey.

Included as a bonus with the 8 State-based Travel Guide Series or as a stand-alone eGuide.

Photography Masterclass promotion

Steve has collaborated for events with Tour Organisers, Councils, Government Departments, State Library Services, Conservation Groups, Camera Clubs, Schools and a wide range of organisations for many decades.