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From May, I’ll be offering the chance to connect directly with me live in small groups through Zoom. Get my feedback on your photos and help with your photography, motivation, and goals. Ask me anything! We’ll do activities together designed to spark our enthusiasm and creativity. I’ll take you live through the steps in my Pathway to Purpose masterclass. Or, if you prefer self-paced discovery, you can already access the online Pathway to Purpose Masterclass by yourself now – see the link below.

Photograph Australian native wildlife hands-on with Steve Parish and photography trainer Dr Dean Holland with 12-20 species brought to you by licensed handlers.
8.00 am – 12.00 noon, Downfall Creek Environmental Centre Chermside West, Brisbane

Find your passion, unlock your creative voice, develop your art and craft,
and claim the joy and energy of sharing with a creative community.

After fifty-six years of photographing and sharing Australia’s unique wonders, I wanted to share how, where and when you can connect with the essence of this spectacular country.   Join me and plan your journey.

Included as a bonus with the 8 State-based Travel Guide Series or as a stand-alone eGuide.

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Steve has collaborated for events with Tour Organisers, Councils, Government Departments, State Library Services, Conservation Groups, Camera Clubs, Schools and a wide range of organisations for many decades.