With Steve Parish as your guide, discover Australia’s
most visually inspiring places for yourself.
This new series is for travellers, nomads, artists, poets, photographers
– everyone who wants to experience Australia’s unique essence.

Who would you like to experience your travels with – your children? Your partner? Cherished friends?  Why not step out of your comfort zone, and make it happen.

9 Guides with Videos $95

The Features

  • Planning made easy, from day trips to around Australia. Work with the seasons, fit your travel around your life and school holidays.
  • eGuides and Videos for each state and territory, each with a range of suggested itineraries and locations that link together into an entire around Australia tour.
  • A dedicated eGuide to sharing the beauty through photos – whether you’re using a big camera or a phone.
  • The eGuides & Videos work on all devices, on your phone, tablet and computer – even offline in the bush. 
  • All eGuide volumes link to maps and come with unique overview videos.
  • You can stay connected with Steve and fellow travellers through the Steve Parish ‘Nature and Travel Facebook Group’.

9 eGuides all Linked to Maps
Each Guide has a corresponding Video.

Photographing Australia promotion

Links to a PDF that scrolls through the contents pages for each of the 9 eGuide Volumes. This PDF can be downloaded.

What People are Saying

This is truly a remarkable series of eGuides and Videos and perfect for my family holiday travel planning. It is full of great information, how-to lessons & so many gorgeous photos to motivate. I have found new places to travel with my family, who all love making their own photos. Steve’s narrative in the videos has also helped me feel so motivated to take another family holiday..

Ruth Camp

These guides provide unbelievable details about places to visit and through Steve shares his soul, passion, and love of the fantastic flora, fauna, and peoples. This new eBook series is well and truly the guide of all guides for exploring and recording Australia’s beauty and building and maintaining our connectedness with the essence of the land and its people.

Marwan El Hassan

This series is packed with in-depth information for the novice photographer through to the professional. I would have missed so much if it were not for having this guide. Even as a seasoned photographer I loved the way the guides not only helped me find the right location at the best time of day, but it helped me to slow down and experience the beauty of each place.

Paul Leeuwin

I was delighted to find that this series of Steve Parish photography guides offered such a wide variety of photography advice across all genres from people and culture through all the nature-based topics and into the worlds of digital art. I particularly enjoyed the theme of connecting with and capturing the essence throughout the series.

Glenn Smith

A Lifetime of Sharing

Steve has spent his life exploring his passion for Australia’s abundant nature. He has developed both an eye to see and a heart to feel, mastering capture skills, making art, and creating and publishing thousands of publications to share with the world. His iconic, multi-award-winning publications have been in print for over thirty-five years. In 2006 Steve was awarded the Order of Australia for his contribution to Australian Natural & Social History Education.

Steve created this comprehensive eGuide and vGuide series as both an extension from and an introduction to his popular Masterclass PHOTOGRAPHY: A Pathway to Purpose. The nine volumes in the eGuide series carry on the theme of both nature connection and the joy of creating projects with purpose.  Further, Steve wanted to inspire travellers to see, feel and then creatively express through their favourite mediums while exploring Australia.

The chosen highways and byways featured throughout the state-based Volumes are those that he has wandered for decades; they have collectively provided Steve with the massive regional and sub-regional photographic library to create countless publications. Many special images are presented in the series for the first time.