Six steps to a creative life

Do what makes you come alive

The online photography masterclass by Australia’s
most famous nature photographer, Steve Parish OAM.

Find your passion, unlock your creative voice, develop your art and craft,
and claim the joy and energy of sharing with a creative community.

Steve Parish has sold millions of his photographic publications and become a national icon, all based on his passion for sharing nature. Now, Steve shows you how to claim your own unique creative voice, hone it, and share it as he walks you through the 6 steps to building a joyful creative life.

This masterclass has been developed and tested over 2 years with Griffith University, and is now fully updated and released online for everyone with a passion for photography – whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast or experienced photographer, and whether you’re shooting just for love or also for profit.

$195 – includes ongoing updates and all Modules and Videos
plus a direct connection with Steve and a vibrant online community


You’re unique. Own it.

Find your passion and playfulness so you can give the world the gift of your unique creative voice.

Unlock the energy and confidence that comes with connecting with your purpose as you realise
“Yes, I am creative. I have important things to share.”

Discover how to drop the armour that’s holding you back, and do what makes you come alive.

95 Page eBook –  78min Video


Turn your passion into action through projects.
Find more time to take photos, and discover how quick it is to organise
your images when you have a clear purpose.

Learn the practical strategies to build collections that create value for you and others.
Nurture intuitive, creative expression.

104 Page eBook –  42min Video


Learn how to see beauty everywhere, and get more joy out of each day. Everyone can – it’s part mindset and part play. Get inspired and learn how to compose photos with your imagination as well as your eyes.

We overlook so many masterpieces every day. Claim your own unique way of seeing the world around you.

128 Page eBook –  70min Video


Discover how to speak beautifully with your camera, and move people with your settings. Steve simplifies the technical side of photography and shares his approaches and settings for a wide range of subject. Explore photographic techniques to amplify your voice.

Navigate your way through the maze of photographic equipment
to get the essential gear for your creative voice.

122 Page eBook –  80min Video


Add soul and emotion to your images through editing. Bring back how it felt to be there.

Editing photos should be creative and energising – not computer science.
From choosing hardware and software to creating an artistic vision,
this step will inspire you to dig deep and explore the creative child within.

186 Page eBook –  93min Video 


Navigate the pitfalls and strategies for building connections and sharing,
both online and real-world, and make your creative voice heard.

Learn the secret to how Steve created the largest Australian Natural and Social History Publishing Company and went on to share his discoveries with the world.

Experience personal growth through sharing with a community and giving back.

186 Page eBook –  93min Video 

What’s Included?

>  6 eBooks that add up to over 690 pages of inspiration, illustrated examples, and activities for you to put into practice. Yours to download and keep.

>  6 videos totalling 8 hours that guide you through the steps and let you get to know Steve, how he thinks, and how he overcame his challenges to become an Australian icon.

>  Workbook journal to put it into action and motivate your progress through time.

> Invitation to an exclusive vibrant online community with opportunities to interact with Steve online.


>  Who is it for? Anyone with a love for photography, novice or veteran, amateur or professional. This course will inspire you to find your unique creative voice, and build everything upon that.

>  What is in each step? Each step includes a videos, an extensive downloadable e-book, and activities to help you put it into practice. The steps build together to transform the way you see and apply your creativity. Module 5 also includes demonstration videos.

>  Can I do the masterclass any time? Yes – you have lifetime access to the materials, and you can download them and work on them at any time.

What people are saying

“I wasn’t certain if the “A Pathway to Purpose” course was the right fit for me. But I absolutely loved it. Not only because, I had the opportunity to learn from a Master Photographer but also because, this course helped me to look at my photography from a different point of view. This course is “must” for anybody who is trying to figure out their own creative life pathway.” 

Katarina Smelikova

The Masterclass e-book, Steve’s intense enthusiasm and unselfish willingness to share his knowledge comes to the fore as he guides the student through a series of easy to understand modules, which will ultimately become their own personal toolbox and creative journey.’s.

Phil Bender

The content covered in the Masterclass exceeded my expectations and gave me clarity about where I want my photography to lead. It addressed a wide range of important subject matter that I found extremely useful and gave me a deeper understanding of my own creative passions. I have referred back to the e-books on countless occasions since completing the course and find them a valuable learning tool, along with the continued access to Steve’s expert advice via the course Facebook page. It has been the most influential step in my Photography course.

Markeeta Culley

The Digital Darkroom was a big module and it took me longer to get through than the others,  but I came out the other side of it feeling so different!  I have to admit I wasn’t keen on seeing photographs transformed into artwork to begin with. It just didn’t make sense to me that anyone would want to make their photograph look like a painting.  By the end of this module I felt like a door that had been previously locked was now wide open and I was blown away with possibilities to make amazing works of art with our photographs.    I was well and truly inspired!

Samantha Mooney

Steve Parish – Photographer, Author & Publisher

Steve is a passionate and highly motivational speaker, writer, teacher and digital artist, and one of few Australian photographers who can look back over five-plus decades of photography
across a range of Australian social and natural history subjects.

Steve has spent his life exploring his passion for the abundance of Nature across Australia. He has developed both an eye to see and a heart to feel, mastering capture skills, making art, and creating and publishing thousands of publications to share with the world. His iconic, multi-award-winning publications have been in print for over thirty-five years, and in 2006 he was awarded the Order of Australia
for his contribution to Australian Natural History Education.

Steve has a deep interest in the human relationship with Nature for mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing and is an ambassador for Bush Heritage Australia and the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia.