Steve has collaborated with Tour Organisers, Councils, Government Departments, State Library Services, Conservation Groups, Camera Clubs, Schools and a wide range of Organisations for many decades.  In 2016 he was chosen to represent Australia on a national speaking tour of Brazil as part the Federal Governments ‘Australia Now’ Festival.

Participants that take part in Events that are one day or longer receive content related eBooks which enable ongoing study after the event. These events may include Seminars, Retreats or Workshops.

Events are tailored to suit the Hosts specific client focus which may range from Creative Life motivation, through project management, camera operations, post-production workflow and on and off-line Community engagement techniques.

Inspirational Talks
Steve has a series of motivational talks that can be delivered consecutively a wide range of public events including Libraries, Photography and Natural History Clubs, Corporate and Council public events. Talks are between 1 and two hours plus Q&A to suit each situation.  Talk topics can also be tailored to suit the specific interests of a group.
Suitable for all skill levels ages 15+
Steve hosts highly engaging Seminar Events that range in length from half day, one and two days; the latter usually have practical components.  The six-module eBooks are included free of charge for all two-day Seminars Events.
Retreats are single location live-in events and may range in length from two to five days in length.  Retreats may be based at resorts or live-aboard boats. The content revolves around Seminar Sessions, practical photoshoots and post-production sessions.  Participants are encouraged to bring their computers and camera kits.  The six Module eBooks are included and are the primary resource to the learning experience.
Workshops are a blend of seminar sessions and practical field exercises. They may run from half-day, full-day and or over a two-day weekend.  Usually hosted in Botanical Gardens, Fauna Park, Council Facilities preferably where there are natural settings.

Steve Parish

Steve Parish is a passionate photographer, publisher, speaker, author, naturalist and digital artist. He is one of few Australian photographers who can look back over fifty-eight years of photography working across a vast range of Australian social and natural history subjects on land and underwater. Since the age of sixteen, Steve has shared his work with the Australian community through thousands of publications, talks, exhibitions and public events. Since his late teens his primary motivation he has been to inspire others to consider the benefits of nature connection for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Steve is an ambassador for Bush Heritage Australia and the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia.