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Steve Parish has photographed extensively underwater, on land and in the air for over fifty years and still maintains a field photography schedule working in all states, all habitats plus capital cities and major regional towns, On an ongoing basis. His work is published extensively in calendars, diaries, children’s books, corporate, gift books
wall decor and many other paper-based and digital products.

Photographic library

These resources are available to commercial publishers on request. The Nature Connect Photography Library houses over 500,000 images and is wide-ranging in its style and content, unmatched by any other individual photographer in Australia. This extensive collection of photographs covers all Australian animal groups, many species of plants, all significant landscapes, cityscapes, people and many historical buildings.


Steve Parish has extensive experience in the development of paper products throughout a 45 years career in publishing, sales, marketing and distribution logistics to the four corners of Australia. The secret to Steve’s success as a publisher has been his understanding of all areas of the publishing industry, mainstream media and his enormously supportive community.

In 1987 Steve created his own Publishing Company which developed into a multi-million dollar business across many categories. Over 2,000 titles were produced between 1987 and 2012 distributing to over 3,500 accounts across Australia. His efforts were recognised in 2008 when he was awarded the Order Of Australia for his contribution to Natural History Publishing.

In 2011 Steve Parish Publishing experienced extensive flooding in Brisbane and due to lack of support from the Companies Insurance Company was forced to liquidate in 2012. The Company’s publishing stock and publication properties were purchased by Pascal Press in Sydney while Steve’s new Company, Nature Connect Pty Ltd retained the rights to the photo library.  As of 31st July 2021, due to the continual closed borders and the decline in tourism along with the forced closure of many retail outlets Pascal Press were forced to close down the Steve Parish Brand.  With rights now reverting back to Steve Parish Nature Connect Pty Ltd the Company is now looking for alternative publishing opportunities to their vast range.

While Steve Published his own extensive range he has worked with ABC Publishing, CSIRO Publishing, Pascal Press and Brown Trout and offers product range development via licensing agreements and or outright commissions to physical and digital publishers globally.

Steve Parish Nature Connect Fine Art Decor

Both as a natural history photographer and as an expressive artist, an passionate connection with Australia’s ecosystems is what has driven me for six decades. Natural ecosystems and all associated flora and fauna are my palettes. As an artist, I am particularly drawn to the artistic elements; the textures, shapes, forms, colours, and lines present in one form or another within all drive me. In addition to design elements, the light available within any given moment is also a significant contributor. It is then a matter of accepting the reality in front of me and expressing it as best I can in any given moment.

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